| India , Rajasthan

Sunsets from Pushkar

Sunset, Pushkar.

12► Desert sunsets are always nice; add some camels, and it’s hard to put the camera down.  Here are few of my sunset pictures from Pushkar.

11/17/2007 to 11/24/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Pushkar: scenes from the city

Drying turbans by the sacred lake, Pushkar.


11/17/2007 to 11/24/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Pushkar Fair

Smiling woman watching the closing ceremonies of Pushkar Camel Fair.

123► In addition to the camel trading there were a number of cultural programs and events for tourists as well as locals.  Among the most photograph friendly events (basically because they took place during the day) were the “spiritual walk,” (essentially a parade consisting of carts, dancers, musicians, and, of course, camels) and […]

11/17/2007 to 11/24/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Pushkar Mela: Camels, Pilgrims, and Tourists, Oh my!


12► It’s a long way from the mountains of Nepal to the deserts of Rajastan in western India.  That distance feels quite a bit further when you are riding on an 8 hour bus from Kathmandu to the border having just come down with a case of diarrhea.  I was popping Imodium like […]

9/24/2007-9/31/2007, 11/6/2007-11/16/2007 | Nepal

Faces of Kathmandu: Street portraits from the city and surroundings


12► Kathmandu and the surrounding towns and temples in the valley are great place to wander around and take a few photos.  Here are a few I took during my stay there.

9/24/2007-9/31/2007, 11/6/2007-11/16/2007 | Nepal


Puja along the Bagmati River near Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu.

123► I must have liked Kathmandu because during each of my stays there I seemed to stay longer than I expected.  Checking out of the Hotel on each occasion, I had to recount the days, thinking, “Wow was I really here that long.”  I suppose that is mark of an intriguing city, which […]

11/9/2007 | Nepal


Durbar Square, Patan.

Patan like Bhaktapur is another of the old cities of the Kathmandu valley, closer to Kathmandu than Bhaktapur it has been nearly swallowed up by the expanding capital.  But it remains not quite as crowded as and a little quieter than its bigger neighbor.  This makes for the city slightly more pleasant walks […]

11/4/2007 to 11/6/2007 | Nepal


View from my hotel room over Tachupal Tole, Bhaktapur.

123► Bhaktapur is a beautifully preserved old city outside of Kathmandu.  Many people visit Bhakatpur as a day trip from Kathmandu, but I had heard it was nicer to stay overnight there, so I switched buses in Katmandu and move right on to Bhaktapur.  Coming all the way from Gorkha, I fortuitously arrived […]

10/26/2007 to 11/3/2007 | Nepal

Pokhara, Bandipur, and Gorkha

Fishtail Mountain from Pokhara.

12► I was happy to get back to Pokhara, rest, and eat, after 25 days of walking.  My shoes were in tatters, my cloths stunk (even more than usual), and after all but sprinting down from the base camp in a mere one and a half days, my knees where sore ready for […]