12/5/2007 to 12/9/2007 | India , Madhya Pradesh


The collection of villages now scattered across the Mandu plateau sit in the shadow of a deserted capital dotted with ruined mosques, palaces, and tombs.  It was once a capital and fortress of a Muslim dynasty that ruled the area during the 15th and early 16th century.  Today it lies in a shadow of its former glory, but nevertheless a spectacular and relaxing place to visit.  While power in my guesthouse was sporadic at best, and I had nightly visits by members of the village’s rodent population, I managed to easily stay four days in this place.  As anyone who has been to India will tell you, the best of India is rural India, away from the garbage strew streets and puddles of sewage that dot most cities in India.  Mandu was a pleasant place to walk or cycle among the ruins, through fields and villages.  The relative difficulty in reaching the place keeps the numbers of foreign tourist to a mere handful at any given time.  As a result, most of the time I had the ruins to myself; able to sit and contemplate in silence on grandeur of this fort city in its prime.

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