2/27/2008 to 2/28/2008 | India , Kerala

Kodungallor: Hang’en with the fisher-folk

Chinese fishing nets on the north end of Vypin Island.  Near Kodungallor.


A to remain nameless worry some aunt once asked me, “How do you know what bus to get on?  What happens if you get on the wrong bus?”  To which my reply was, “I guess I go somewhere else then.”  It had actually never happened to me until recently while attempting to […]

2/23/2008 to 2/26/2008 | India , Kerala

Festival hopping through Thrissur District

Ceremonial elephants, temple festival in Wadakkancheri, Thrissur District.


There has been more than a few times when I’ve arrived in a town and after a quick look around thought to myself what am I going to do here for the rest of the day, yet on each occasion that thought as crossed my mind something invariably arises to keep my […]

| India , Kerala


Theyyam, Kannur District.


My initial experience with the art of Theyyam enthralled me to the point where I was anxious to seek out more of this captivating ritual art form.  I returned to the Kannur District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC) office that had been so helpful in leading me to the first Theyyam I had […]

2/19/2007 to 2/20/2008 | India , Kerala

Tracking down Theyyam in Kannur

Theyyam at a Rama temple, in Kannur District.


Getting to Kannur, a city in northern Kerala along India’s southwest coast should have been the easy part.  But as I arrived at the Mangalore state run bus stand I was told the same thing I was told at the private bus stand, “no bus to Kerala, strike.”  My last hope of […]

1/18/2008 to 1/19/2008 | India , Karnataka


Detail on temple cart, Udupi.


Udupi is a pilgrim town near the coast in southern Karnataka.  It is also the birthplace of the masala dosa, a tasty south Indian snack/meal consisting of spiced potatoes wrapped in a rice flour pancake served with chutneys.  It as close as India comes to a breakfast burrito, which is not very, […]

2/2/2008 to 2/12/2008 | India , Karnataka

Gokarna: Rest and relaxation on the Karnataka coast

Kudle beach, Gokarna.


Its far from the prettiest beach I’ve seen, there isn’t a whole lot to do, yet Gokarna has a way of gripping and enticing travelers to stay far beyond there intended duration.  I think one would be hard pressed to find anyone who has not stayed longer than they expected among the […]

1/30/2008 to 2/2/2008 | India , Karnataka

Badami to Gokarna: Via Hampi

6th century Cave temple (no. 1), Badami.


From Bijapur, I left Muslim ruins behind for Hindu ones in and around the village of Badami.  Badami along with nearby Pattadakal and Aihole (pronounced a-hole-leh, rather than a-hole) are the sites of some well preserved Hindu temple architecture dating from 4th to 8th centuries.  Although the temples were nice and the […]