9/19/2008 to 9/28/2008 | Himachal Pradesh , India

Snowbound in Spiti


1234► legacy gallery with captions Day 1 (9/20/2009): I stared out of the window adjacent to my bed.  The steady rain which had started early in the morning was now turning to fluttering white flakes of snow.  Looking across at the gray skies which now isolated the white flat roofed Tibetan buildings of […]

9/12/2008 to 9/18/2008 | India , Ladakh

Tso Moriri to the Spiti Valley via the Parang La


1234► legacy gallery with captions We awoke in Korzok, the village nestled along the northwestern bank of the high altitude sailine lake of Tso Moriri, to a mass exodus.  Anyone with any mode of transportation, horse, donkey, tractor, jeep, motorcycle, truck, anything that could move a person to some where other than Korzok, […]

8/15/2008 to 9/3/2008 | India , Ladakh

Trekking Across Zanskar


1234678► legacy gallery with captions I walked up Chanspa road in Leh towards the Sandwich Bar where a group was meeting to discuss the logistics for a self organized trek to Zanskar.  I had planned on doing the Lamayuru to Darcha trek across the remote region of Zanskar, so when I noticed a […]