11/5/2010 | Delhi , India

Diwali in Old Delhi

Markets of Old Delhi on the morning of Diwali


I had connected with a fellow Moorpark-ian, Gene, who was now an ex-pat teaching at an international school in Delhi.  In a “small world” encounter, he had been at Moorpark High the same time as me (though a year ahead), later he took a class on South Asian history from my dad […]

11/1/2010 to 11/4/2010 | Delhi , India

Tughlaqabad to Nizamuddin a Tour of 14th Century Delhi

Sunset, Tughlaqabad


With my flight back to the states a day away I had finished my requisite Christmas shopping.  Despite shopping 2 months before Christmas I had managed to get the holiday shopping experiences anyway, as I had unknowingly scheduled my flight on the Indian holiday of Diwali.  In retrospect this unintentional scheduling was […]

7/21/2010 to 7/24/2010 | Delhi , India

Still Rebuilding Delhi


By the time I finally left Nepal, 4 months after I had arrived, the subcontinent was in the midst of the monsoon.  I have generally managed to avoid traveling much in the Indian monsoon.  A time when city streets are flooded with overflowing sewage, cloths never dry, mold thrives, and mosquitoes fill […]

3/22/2010 | Delhi , India

Sunset at Humayan’s Tomb

I’ve passed through Delhi countless times during my past few years on the Indian subcontinent.  Most of the time I use my stopovers as opportunities to fill up on nihari, kebabs, and Biryani in the maze of streets that surrounds the Jama Masjid in old Delhi.  It’s kind of a rarity when I […]