8/22/2007 to 8/28/2007 | China , Gansu

Xining to Dunhuang: a taste of the Silk Road

Street scene in Zhangye

Upon reaching the provincial capital of Xining from Xiahe, I decided to head out along the Hexi corridor, a valley between the Tibtan plateau on the south and the mountains of the Gobi desert on the north.  The geography forms a natural channel leading out of China to the west and central Asia […]

8/18/2007 to 8/20/2007 | China , Gansu

Xiahe: Monks, Pilgrims, Plays, and Basketball, oh my!

Monk watching the performance during the festival at Labrang monastery, Xiahe.


The city of Xiahe, in China’s Gansu province, is home to the massive Tibetan monastery of Labrang.  I had timed my arrival to coincide with a festival on the 20th of August.  There were a lot of pilgrims performing the kora, circumambulation, around the monastery.  The monastery was one of the most […]

8/16/2007 to 8/17/2007 | China , Gansu , Tibet

Langmusi: Monks and Mountains

Pilgrims performing kora, circumambulation of a monastery in Langmusi.


The small Tibetan town of Langmusi straddles the border between the Chinese provinces of Sichuan and Gansu.  It has become a popular stop for tourists traveling between these two provinces via the Tibetan plateau due two the two monasteries in town and the surrounding jagged mountain landscape.  Of course with the tourist […]

6/31/2007 to 8/12/2007 | China , Gansu , Sichuan , Yunnan

China Archive (pdf)

Chenyang, China

Entries in pdf format from my travels in China when I was still emailing my Travel  Journal.

The Bridges of Dong County  pdf

Gaoding: Baiju Srikes Back  pdf

Zhaoxing: The VIP dinner  pdf

Miao villages: Basha and Xijiang  pdf

Tagong: A night with the nomads  pdf