2/20/2010 | India , Karnataka


Somnathpur is home to the 13th century star-shaped Keshava Temple built by the Hoysala dynasty.  These masters of sculpture also built the larger more famous temples at Halebid and Belur, which I visited in 1994 and 2008.  I made an effort to visit this temple in part on behalf of my dad.  I visited the temple with my family on my first visit to India back in 1994.  On that occasion after meticulously photographing the fine array of sculptural elements that adorn the temple my dad managed to lose the role of film he had shot (back in the days of film).  Losing all but a few pictures he had taken on that day.  When we had a day to check out something en route to Banglore where we would catch a night train to Hyderabad, I suggested we head to Somnathpur.

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