1/1/2010 to 1/5/2010 | Gujarat , India

Bhadran to Goa: Flying Kites & Roughing it on the Rails

I typed in my PNR number again not wanting to believe what the computer monitor had just showed me.  Same result waiting list #1 unconfirmed.  My train to Goa was leaving in a little over an hour, the chart had been made there was no chance I would move up on the list […]

12/31/2009 | Gujarat , India

Ambaji: Pos Purnima Festival


A couple of the members of our group had made a promise to visit and perform a puja at the temple of Ambaji in Northern Gujarat, about an hour drive from Abu Road where we stayed the night.  I decided to join them on their early morning pilgrimage, while other members of […]

12/25/2009 to 12/27/2009 | Gujarat , India

Bhadran: A Gujarati Wedding


I spent a particularly uneventful, Christmas eve and morning on a night train to the Gujarati city of Baroda (renamed Vadodara), where I was meeting Vinay, a friend of mine from the states of Gujarati descent.  Vinay’s family is from the nearby village of Bhadran, an origin which would prompt any Gujarati […]