2/28/2007 to 4/22/2007 | Laos

Laos Archive (pdf)

Kong Lor cave, Laos

Entries in pdf format from my travels in Laos from when I was still emailing my Travel Journal:

Arriving in Laos  pdf

Trekking in Muang Long  pdf

Muang Sing  pdf

Phongsaly  pdf

Ou Tai  pdf

Pictures with captions: Phongsaly  pdf

Muang Ngoi Neua  pdf

Kids: Nong Kiew and […]

3/8/2007 to 3/12/2007 | Laos

Phongsaly: Deforestation

Phongsali, Laos

pdf version of this post with pictures

The most Northeastern region of Laos which sticks up in to southern border of China like a thumb is known as Phongsaly.  This mountainous, sparsely populated region of Laos is among the most remote in the country and a melting pot of cultures.  […]

3/6/2007 | Laos

Muang Sing

Akha Woman, Muang Sing, Laos

pdf version of this post with pictures

I explored Muang Sing for a day on this fine piece of biking equipment, rented for 2 dollars a day.  The shock on the front fork is for cosmetic purposes only.  I was pleasantly surprised it held […]

3/2/2007 to 3/5/2007 | Laos

Trekking in Muang Long

Akha woman, Muang Long, Laos

pdf version of this post with pictures

I went to the town of Muang Long in search of some off the beaten path trekking.  The small town of Muang Long, or perhaps a better description is overgrown village, is  two hours along a dirt and gravel road […]

2/28/2007 to 3/7/2007 | Laos

Arriving in Laos

pdf version of this post with pictures

On crossing the border into Laos, I learned a very important lesson for anyone traveling in Laos that is:  “There is no hurrying in Laos.”  This is one of the countries major appeals making it a great place to relax; since there isn’t really all that much […]