12/28/2009 to 12/30/2009 | India , Rajasthan

Touring Southern Rajasthan with the N.R.I.s


After wedding I tagged along with Vinay and a number of his cousins including the bride and groom on a short 4 day tour of Southern Rajasthan (a kind of group honeymoon).  The major places on the itinerary Udaipur and Mt. Abu I had already been, so it was more an opportunity […]

1/7/2008 to 1/13/2008 | India , Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh

Leaving Rajasthan, and Heading South

Man Singh Palace (constructed from 1486 to 1516), fort, Gwalior.


After dropping Karin and Jeff off at the airport, I headed back to Jaipur, not because I really like the place, but rather to hang out with my father before he took his group south.  Although the city is not as bad as the reputation it has, for being a large city […]

12/19/2007 to 12/27/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Southern Rajasthan: Karin and Jeff trip part I

City Palace of Udaipur.


As I rode Dehli city bus 729 towards Indira Gandhi International airport crammed in aisle amidst the crush of humanity that is Indian public transportation, I was excited at the prospect of seeing my sister, Karin, and brother-in-law, Jeff, after nearly a year away.  I had just completed nearly a week of […]

12/2/2007 to 12/3/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Jhalawar: Foreigner on display

Me in the middle of some students at the public school wide assembly.

Few tourists make there way to the town of Jhalawar in the southeastern corner of Rajastan.  I was stopping to break up the journey to province of Madhya Pradesh and to check out the 10th century sun temple in nearby Jhalrapatan.  However, what I’ll remember from Jhalawar was not the old temples, but […]

12/1/2007 | India , Rajasthan


City Palace, Kota.

Kota is the big city in the area, for this reason most tourists don’t do much here other than hop on a train.  I made a day trip into the city to check out the city’s palace and look around.  I walked around some of the back streets picking up a mob of […]

11/30/2007 | India , Rajasthan


View of Hindoli.


The small town of Hindoli gets only a fleeting mention, if any, in guidebooks.  It lies 30 minutes by bus north of Bundi on the edge of large reservoir.  While certainly not the most spectacular town in Rajastan, it’s a pleasant picturesque town with more of a village feel.  A ruined palace […]

11/29/2007 | India , Rajasthan

K. Patan

From the Vishnu temple by the river in K. Patan.

The Bundi festival extended to a few neighboring towns.  The Rajastani tourist office in Bundhi was using the festival as an occasion to try to develop the tourist industry in these towns by organizing a free bus tour.  I went along with 8 other tourists to town of Kasherai Patan about 2 hours […]

11/27/2007 to 11/30/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Bundi Deepans

Deepans (ghee lamps), Bundi.


Images from the Deepans (ghee lamps) that took place around the town.

11/27/2007 to 11/30/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Bundi Utsav

Parade in Bundi.


There were far fewer western tourists at the festival in Bundi than at the more famous Pushkar fair.  The relatively small number of tourist meant that the 20 or so foreign tourists who were there were given the “royal” treatment.  On the first day of the festival there was a parade that […]

11/25/2007 to 12/1/2007 | India , Rajasthan


View of Bundi.


After leaving Pushkar, with the rest of the crowds at the conclusion of the fair, I spent a half day in Ajmer before heading on to the town of Bundi.  Ajmer is a Muslim pilgrimage town, the site of the tomb of an important Sufi saint.  For me it was a place […]

| India , Rajasthan

Sunsets from Pushkar

Sunset, Pushkar.


Desert sunsets are always nice; add some camels, and it’s hard to put the camera down.  Here are few of my sunset pictures from Pushkar.

11/17/2007 to 11/24/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Pushkar: scenes from the city

Drying turbans by the sacred lake, Pushkar.


11/17/2007 to 11/24/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Pushkar Fair

Smiling woman watching the closing ceremonies of Pushkar Camel Fair.


In addition to the camel trading there were a number of cultural programs and events for tourists as well as locals.  Among the most photograph friendly events (basically because they took place during the day) were the “spiritual walk,” (essentially a parade consisting of carts, dancers, musicians, and, of course, camels) and […]

11/17/2007 to 11/24/2007 | India , Rajasthan

Pushkar Mela: Camels, Pilgrims, and Tourists, Oh my!



It’s a long way from the mountains of Nepal to the deserts of Rajastan in western India.  That distance feels quite a bit further when you are riding on an 8 hour bus from Kathmandu to the border having just come down with a case of diarrhea.  I was popping Imodium like […]