6/10/2011 to 6/12/2011 | India , Tripura

Udaipur of the East

Wedding ceremony rituals at tank near Tripura Sundari Temple, Matabari


Udaipur is Tripura’s historic heart.  Not to be confused with that other Udaipur in Rajasthan.  In and around Udaipur are several temples and palaces, some forgotten in a state of ruins, while others a focal point of pilgrimages to this day.  By far the most active of the temples around Udaipur is […]

6/8/2011 to 6/9/2011 | India , Tripura

Agartala: The Drunken Sadhu

The "Drunken Sadhu" drinking whiskey, Agartala


Agartala is Tripura’s capital a flat urban sprawl surrounding the turn of the century Ujjayanta Palace.  The weather in June was hardly ideal, hot and humid, though the pineapple sold throughout the city on street corners everywhere was absolutely delicious, an explosion of sweet flavor in every bite.  At bargain price of […]

6/7/2011 to 6/8/2011 | India , Tripura




On of my primary reasons for visiting Tripura, other than “the just to check it out” factor, was to visit the impressive rock 8th century cliff side bas-relief carvings at Unakoti.  Surrounded in a mane of green forests these carvings of Shiva in the grey stone cliff show a very interesting “tribal […]

6/6/2011 to 6/7/2011 | India , Mizoram , Tripura

Damchara: The back way to Tripura

Bru Woman, Market in Damchara


After more than a month in Mizoram it was time to move on.  Rather than traveling the standard route to Tripura via Silchar, I took “the path less traveled by” and went via Western Mizoram and the village of Damchara, though the route via Silchar is hardly a highway of tourists.  Himpuii […]