11/7/2008 to 11/11/2008 | India , Uttarakhand

Kausani to Jageshwar


123► legacy gallery with captions “Five Hundred?” I exclaimed in disbelief.  “No booking, shared jeep.”  I said. “No shared, only booking to Kausani,” the jeep driver retorted with an expression and mannerisms of a man who knew that the last bus for Kausani had already left and who thought he had caught a […]

11/2/2008 to 11/7/2008 | India , Uttarakhand

Pindari Glacier Trek


1234► legacy gallery with captions “I only take the Rajdhani, the other trains are no good, Rajdhani is good train.”  Indian trains, hardly the first topic of conversation I would have expected from a holy man who lives most of the year in solitude at the inhospitable altitude of 3600 m just below […]