3/6/2007 | Laos

Muang Sing

Akha Woman, Muang Sing, Laos

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I explored Muang Sing for a day on this fine piece of biking equipment, rented for 2 dollars a day.  The shock on the front fork is for cosmetic purposes only.  I was pleasantly surprised it held together on me despite taking it down some trails I don’t think too many bikes have gone down.  I had to check my enthusiasm for downhill mountain biking and walk a couple parts, since I was carrying a couple thousand dollars in camera equipment.  Not to mention I did not was to find out what the medical care is like here. I biked to an Akha village where they were in the process of building a new house.  This guy to the right was cutting boards from a log.  Even though this area receives a lot more tourist, people were still very friendly and I was invited in for tea.  The one difference instead of kids yelling “Sab-buy-dee” (hello in Lao) they also make the sign for candy or try to get some other thing.  I’m sure the people who give out candy and pens to kids mean well but turning kids in to beggars is not the way to help.

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