1/7/2008 to 1/13/2008 | India , Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh

Leaving Rajasthan, and Heading South

After dropping Karin and Jeff off at the airport, I headed back to Jaipur, not because I really like the place, but rather to hang out with my father before he took his group south.  Although the city is not as bad as the reputation it has, for being a large city full of tour groups, scam artists and pushy vendors. Fortunately the vendors move on quickly to more inviting target than a guy with ripped pants and dirty cloths.  I basically tagged along with my dad’s student tour for 3 days, which meant a step up in accommodation (former palaces converted into hotels) and transportation aboard a chartered bus.  The stint in higher class accommodation didn’t do anything to make me want to change my travel style.  In my opinion, about all you get for 10 times the price is nicer furniture.  After Jaipur my dad’s tour visited some of the villages in Shekhawati a region known for its elaborately painted havalies (houses of rich merchants).  I hitched a ride back to Delhi with the tour and then parted ways with my dad; while he and his students were flying south, I was going to take a more leisurely journey south starting with the city of Gwalior dominated by its famous fort.

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