2/28/2007 to 4/22/2007 | Laos

Laos Archive (pdf)

Kong Lor cave, Laos

Entries in pdf format from my travels in Laos from when I was still emailing my Travel Journal:

Arriving in Laos  pdf

Trekking in Muang Long  pdf

Muang Sing  pdf

Phongsaly  pdf

Ou Tai  pdf

Pictures with captions: Phongsaly  pdf

Muang Ngoi Neua  pdf

Kids: Nong Kiew and a village near Muang Ngoi Neua  pdf

The Nam Ou  pdf

Luang Prabang  pdf

Pictures from a day at the waterfall  pdf

Pictures with captions: Luang Prabang  pdf

Vang Vieng: It’s not the “Real Laos” but its fun  pdf

Kong Lor and the Lao cave party  pdf

Easy Rider on the Bolavan Plateu  pdf

Water Wars: Pee Mai Lao pdf

Rest & Relaxation along the Mekong  pdf

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