3/21/2008 to 3/26/2008 | India , Tamil Nadu

Temple hopping in Tamil Nadu

North gopuram Sri Meenakshi Temple, Madurai.


I had seen a great deal of Tamil Nadu on my first trip to India so I hadn’t really intended to go back, but I found that a short foray through Tamil Nadu would permit me to head North without retracing journeys I had already made in Kerala.  Plus it would give […]

3/15/2008 to 3/16/2008 | India , Kerala

Sabarimala: Jungle Pilgrimage

Main shrine, temple of Sri Ayyappa, Sabarimala.

If you mention the words “Sabarimala,” and “Lord Ayyappa,” to the average Western tourist in Kerala and you will be most likely be greeted with a blank stare.  I would have been one of those blank stares if I hadn’t started thumbing through my Kerala road atlas looking for places to break the […]

3/9/2008 to 3/14/2008 | India , Kerala

Varkala: Back to the Beach

Kathakali, at temple in Varkala.

An entry more out of completeness rather than anything really substantive to say about this beach resort filled with European beach vacationers and a sprinkling of backpackers like myself.  There are two metrics for how much I’ve enjoyed a place, how long I stay, and how many pictures I take.  Up until the […]

3/3/2008 to 3/8/2008 | India , Kerala

Alleppey to Kollam: The Kerala Backwaters

Munroe Island backwaters, near Kollam.


The main purpose of most people who visit Alleppey and Kollam is to explore the series of lakes, canales, rivers, and bays that make up the famed Kerala backwaters, a labyrinth of waterways through rice patties and palm orchards.  There are a number of ways to see the backwaters, the most expensive […]