6/20/2011 to 6/22/2011 | India , Nagaland

World Music Day, Naga Style

Aiyush was both covering and promoting a concert marking World Music Day in Dimapur, the Nagaland City on the border with Assam.  I accepted his invitation to come along.  Our first stop was a concert/contest for local bands, an event that Aiyush for good reason disavowed any connection with.  He was covering it as a favor to the promoters who were friends of his.  The “music” style was said to be “fusion,” from what I gathered that meant a fusion of loud noises.  Inspired by “Death Metal” but harder on the ears, we sat through about 3 or 4 bands whose sets consisted of guttural incompressible screams, repetitious unmelodic guitar riffs and drummers who strategy was apparently to beat the drums in to producing music by shear force of the blows, regardless of timing.  I did not envy the judges.

Far more palatable on the ears was the subsequent evening’s concert

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