5/12/2009 to 5/21/2009 | India , Meghalaya

The living root bridges of Cherrapunjee


May and I returned to Shillong where we met up for a last time with Phejin at her sisters’ place.  After a few days of rest and relaxation May and I headed off to see one last wonder of the northeast, the living root bridges near Cherrapunjee.  The villagers in the lush […]

5/4/2009 to 5/12/2009 | Arunachal Pradesh , India



The Mechuka valley sits nestled against the border with Tibet north of Along.  Unreachable by road until very recently this region is still very untouched by mass tourism.  The only place to stay is at the government power and water department rest-house.  Although that is about to change, a new tourist bungalow […]

4/29/2009 to 5/3/2009 | Arunachal Pradesh , India

Along and the Adi: Rice beer never tasted so good


Daporijo was not either of our favorite places in Arunachal, even less so for May, who the moment we stepped off the jeep into the dusty market town was looking for a way to get out. I thought it had some possibilities in a kind of “wild east” type of way, but […]