4/28/2011 to 4/29/2011 | India , Mizoram

Saiha: Land of the Mara

Traditional Mara dance during a cultural program in Saiha


After spending Easter in Aizawl I headed south to explore the southern reaches of this hill covered state.  Prior to removal of the restricted area permit for foreigners visiting Mizoram on the first of the year, tourists who did obtain a permit were only allowed to visit the region around Aizawl.  This […]

4/25/2011 to 4/26/2011 | India , Mizoram

Valley views from Reiek



My first excursion from Aizawl was to the village of Reiek.  This prosperous village is perched on a slope beneath a peak of the same name, opposite a deep valley which separates this rural village from the congested ridge of shops and houses that is Aizawl.  The “trek,” or rather walk, as […]

4/15/2011 to 6/5/2011 | India , Mizoram

A “Sap” in Mizoram: Aizawl

Aizawl at night


Mizoram is not an easy place to get to, even from the relatively nearby state of Nagaland.  I spent the better part of the first day, of my three day journey, packed in like a proverbial sardine in an Indian Railways general class compartment, there-always-room-for-one-more class, aboard the painfully slow passenger train […]

4/6/2011 to 4/11/2022 | India , Nagaland

Hanging out in Shiyong, Nagaland

Drying tea, Shiyong, Nagaland


I always seem to linger a little longer than I plan in Shiyong, and this trip was no exception.  It was nearly a week after Aoling before I finally tore myself away from this pretty hill top village in northeastern Nagaland and the hospitality of Phejin and her family.  The week passed […]

4/5/2011 | India , Nagaland

Aoling in Mon

Aoling festival in Mon


We left the quite village of Shiyong making a day trip into Mon town to view the official Aoling celebration, a program of traditional dance organized by the district government.  While not as intimate as the village celebrations, the mass of dancers made for good photography, and we as foreign guests were […]

4/1/2011 to 4/4/2011 | India , Nagaland

Aoling in Shiyong

Aoling, Shiyong, Nagaland


Fresh off the Meitei festival of Yaoshang, in Imphal, I headed further northeast to my friend Phejin’s village of Shiyong in Nagaland, to partake in another festival, the Konyak festival of Aoling.  Being so close, a relative term in India given that it took a day and a half to reach Shiyong […]