8/13/2007 | China , Sichuan , Tibet

Hongyuan: Grasslands and Nomads

I arrived in Hongyuan just before 9:00 am, a starkly ugly city, especially in contrast to the beautiful scenery that passed by my window on the bus ride into town.  But I had known that the attraction here was not the city but rather the grasslands and nomads that surround it.  I wasted no time in navigating my way out of concrete labyrinth into the green fields on the outskirts of the city.  It wasn’t long before I stumbled across a couple of friendly nomad women who invited me in to their tent and served me up a lunch of thick soup and bread.  I thanked them for the meal and spent the remainder of the afternoon wondering through the fields strewn with yaks and nomad tents eventually climbing a nearby hill for an expansive view over the valley.

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