11/9/2007 | Nepal


Patan like Bhaktapur is another of the old cities of the Kathmandu valley, closer to Kathmandu than Bhaktapur it has been nearly swallowed up by the expanding capital.  But it remains not quite as crowded as and a little quieter than its bigger neighbor.  This makes for the city slightly more pleasant walks through the old quarter when you don’t have to dodge motor bikes weaving though a crowded 10 foot wide street like Kathmandu.  One of the temples I visited in Patan was particularly active on the day I was there with a number of fire offerings and worshippers.  It was again, a nice place to wonder around and take photographs.  There is also a decent size expat community as well, due to the proximity to many NGO offices, which in turn leads to a couple very good western restaurants.  An Australian owned place called The Red Dingo served up one tasty hamburger “with a lot” the lot being egg, pineapple, grilled onions, cheese, and a tenderloin patty.  It was a very good hamburger for a Hindu country, actually pretty good for anywhere.  I found out about the place through a couple of girls that I met up at the Annapurna base camp who lived in Patan and worked for NGOs involved in helping girls who have been victimized by the human trafficking sex trade.

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