1/18/2008 to 1/19/2008 | India , Karnataka


Udupi is a pilgrim town near the coast in southern Karnataka.  It is also the birthplace of the masala dosa, a tasty south Indian snack/meal consisting of spiced potatoes wrapped in a rice flour pancake served with chutneys.  It as close as India comes to a breakfast burrito, which is not very, but it does the trick nevertheless, and has become my staple snack and breakfast since heading south.  In addition to paying homage to the masala dosa, Udupi was a place to break the journey south to Kerala once I finally dragged myself away from the beach at Gokarna.  As one local informed me every day is a festival day in Udupi, and my visit seemed to be no exception.  From what I had gathered from conversations with locals, some rich pilgrims from Delhi and Bombay had come to the temple for their annual pilgrimage and had given large amounts of money in order to have the temple carts paraded around the temple square for 6 nights.  I had arrived on the first night and it was an impressive enough spectacle to warrant sticking around for another day before I had had my fill of guys dragging around large lit up carts and fireworks.  During the day there isn’t a lot to do in Udupi, there is not much action around the temples outside of early morning and evening, and sitting around in my very economical but less than clean cell like room wasn’t an appealing option either.  So I hopped on a bus over to the nearby town of Malpe with its less than impressive beach and much more interesting fishing harbor.  I spent a good couple of hours wondering around the harbor watching the boats arrive with the nights catch greeted by assembly lines of women to transport the fish to waiting trucks.  Figuring the fish had to be as fresh as it gets, I ducked in to a very local looking (translation: unsanitary) fish thali place opposite the harbor, where an all-you-can-eat fish curry thali set me back less than 45 cents.  It was tasty as long as you could separate the food smell from the whiffs of rotting fish that emanated from the adjacent fish processing plant.

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  • Giri

    Hey Micah, The travelogue that you have covered is amazing. Have been following your trail through the web for quite some time. And congrats on your ‘Third Anniversary’ 🙂 Well, the more you have explored, something more pops up.


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