10/24/2009 to 11/23/2009 | Nepal

Kick'n it in Kathmandu

I spent most of November hanging out in Kathmandu staying at my friend Kili’s house, doing some work on his website as well as updating my own. Kili is the man I met while trekking in the Everest region over a year and a half earlier, and the owner and founder of High Altitude Dreams a company that provides logistics for Mt. Everest Expeditions.  See this post.  A sherpa with a compelling life story who started as a porter on the mountain, became a climbing Sherpa, summiting Everest, and eventually started his own company from nothing, borrowing the $200 he needed to get it started.  He has since built that company into a successful business and now handles the logistics for many top mountaineering clients, including expeditions sponsored by National Geographic and the Discovery Channel.

I would later learn that Kili was badly injured in a domestic accident shortly after I would leave Nepal.  I wish him well and my thoughts and prayers are with him during in his long rehabilitation and I await the day when he will be able to walk again.

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