2/26/2010 | Andhra pradesh , India

Hyderabad Malid un Nabi Part I

We went down to the Charminar, the iconic center of Hyderabad’s Islamic old city center, on the eve of Malid un Nabi the day Muslims celebrate the birthday of the prophet Mohammad.  It was a festive atmosphere as people stood along the streets waving flags and dancing, while others drove around on motor bikes and decorated rickshaws singing and chanting flags in hand.  Local mosques provided free food of rice and dhal, cooked up in massive street side pots.  I was co-opted on several occasions into the flag waving festivities to the great amusement of the locals.  We learned that the following day there would be a large procession through the streets of the old town and I resolved to return to observe the festivities.  Getting back to ISB after the late night celebrations proved to be a bit of an adventure as well.   By the time we got to the bus stand on the northern edge of town the buses towards ISB had stopped running.  Not wanting to shell out for a taxi we managed to hitch a ride in the back of pickup heading out that way.

Me at Malid un Nabi 1

Video taken by Sunny of me.

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