4/9/2010 to 4/11/2010 | Nepal

Kathmandu Again

I like Kathmandu.  Its certainly one of the cities I enjoy most on the subcontinent.  It’s got beautiful old buildings, Buddhist and Hindu temples, bustling markets, and upscale shopping malls.  If you’re looking for other foreigners to swap stories over a few drinks there is no shortage of bars and restaurants catering to Kathmandu’s mix of foreign tourist, mountain climbers, and NGO workers.  Restaurants serve up some of the best western food in Asia; it’s even possible to get a passable breakfast Burrito.  Even with all these amenities if you want off the beaten path and back into the “real Nepal” there are still neighborhoods where the sight of a foreigner will turn heads in curiosity.

Sarah’s presence gave me the excuse to do a bit of sightseeing, rather than just get my fix of western food and cheep buffalo momos.  We hit the standard sights around Kathmandu including Swayanbhunath (so called monkey Temple), Dubar Square, Bodhnath, and a place I hadn’t been before, Kopan Monastery, before she flew back to the states a couple days later.

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