9/29/2010 to 10/4/2010 | India , Nagaland

October Skies in Shiyong

I parted ways with Tam, Kip, and Jen hiding out in Shillong while I got a new Nagaland permit, before returning to for more explorations of Konyak country.  It was my third/forth time in Nagaland, depending if you count my permit run to and from Shillong as a new visit or not.  Previously I had visited in December and April, but the luscious green hills freshly fed by the monsoon rains and the clear skies made October one of the most spectacular times to visit the region.  The cloud filled valleys of the early morning left the hill top villages emerging like islands in the sky of some otherworldly land straight out of the pages of a fairytale.  Should anyone be contemplating visiting the hilly regions of Northeast India, from a purely scenic perspective October is the month to do it.

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