6/6/2011 to 6/7/2011 | India , Mizoram , Tripura

Damchara: The back way to Tripura

After more than a month in Mizoram it was time to move on.  Rather than traveling the standard route to Tripura via Silchar, I took “the path less traveled by” and went via Western Mizoram and the village of Damchara, though the route via Silchar is hardly a highway of tourists.  Himpuii hooked me up with connections yet again, Pastor Remmawia had previously served as pastor in this tiny village straddling the Mizoram-Tripura border, he arranged for a local family to receive me and make necessary arrangements for food and lodging.  As luck would have it I had arrived the day before market day which made both for an interesting morning cruising stalls and the tribal Bru villagers clad in there distinctive jewelry, but also made finding onward transportation to Tripura considerably easier.

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