11/30/2007 | India , Rajasthan


The small town of Hindoli gets only a fleeting mention, if any, in guidebooks.  It lies 30 minutes by bus north of Bundi on the edge of large reservoir.  While certainly not the most spectacular town in Rajastan, it’s a pleasant picturesque town with more of a village feel.  A ruined palace sits above the town with a commanding view of the reservoir and temple dotted streets.  With a complete lack of tourism in the town, a strange looking white guy wandering through the streets was a big deal.  I could walk more than a block it seemed with out getting asked in for tea.  Around lunch time I was invited in for an incredibly good home cooked tali, complete with a lassie and yogurt from the family cow.  It was also immediately apparent when the kids got out of school, as this is when I developed my entourage of youngsters, sticking there heads in my field of view anytime I lifted my camera.  It was an enjoyable day but I was ready to get back Bundi, where I was much less of an attraction, and turned down a dinner invitation to head back to the main road, and flag down a bus to Bundi.

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