11/29/2007 | India , Rajasthan

K. Patan

The Bundi festival extended to a few neighboring towns.  The Rajastani tourist office in Bundhi was using the festival as an occasion to try to develop the tourist industry in these towns by organizing a free bus tour.  I went along with 8 other tourists to town of Kasherai Patan about 2 hours from Bundhi.  I’m guessing nine foreign tourists were the most foreigners who had been in that town at one time since the British left.  At least that is the way the locals seemed to act, as we became much more of an attraction than the festival.  It probably helped the celebrity factor that a number of the other foreign tourists were blond white women.  In any case we developed a mob of mostly kids and young men following us and had to have literally a police escort to keep the crowd of onlookers at bay.  The town is on a river and we were taken out on a sunset boat ride, to escape the crowds, and watch the deepan from the water.

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