3/12/2011 | India , Manipur

Loktak Lake

The principle attraction of Manipur from a tourist perspective is Loktak Lake.  It is one of the most impressive geographical sights in the Northeast.  Unfortunately the security situation makes it difficult to adequately explore the vast lake.  The picturesque floating islands of reeds and grasses are also used as hideouts and training bases for several militant groups.  The grass and reed islands have been fashioned into circular fish farms, and used to build floating villages.  Though these unique floating villages are now being destroyed by the government in the name of security and preservation of the lake.  Ironically in so doing they are removing one of the most interesting and unique aspects of the lake.  The floating islands and villages are reminiscent of what the geography of the Aztec city of Tenōchtitlān and surrounding Lake Texcoco must have looked like before it was filled in to form the foundations of what is today Mexico City.

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