3/13/2011 | India , Manipur

The Ima Market, Imphal

Imphal’s substantial polo ground stands near the western gate of the Kangla at the heart of central Imphal.  The ground is a testament to the games importance to a state that prides its self as the origin of modern polo.  While originating in ancient Persia, the modern game polo as disseminated by the British was derived from the version of the game that was played in Manipur.  Catching a match or two of polo during the afternoon heat was a decent diversion.  However, my favorite activity in Imphal was the late afternoon walks along the streets surrounding the sprawling market Ima (Mother’s) market which stands opposite the Polo Ground.  As its name suggests all of the stalls are run by women.  Billed as the largest all women’s market in Asia, it is Imphal’s most photogenic area, bustling with activity and the commercial heart of the city.

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